Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Green Pickled Figs

Green Pickled Figs

When the warmth of the summer sun is waning and the autumn leaves are falling as red and yellow wisps to the ground, you know winter will soon be casting it's cooler fingers around.
The fig trees are semi-leaved yet laden with plenty of small green figs that are unlikely to ripen.  
It is a shame to waste these gorgeous offerings as figs are delicious, healthy and unique.
The solution is simple - to preserve them by pickling them.
Pickling ensures the greenest, hardest, smallest figs can become useful and tasty pantry additions.

View 1.  Hard, green figs picked on the last day of Autumn

Give them a rinse, removing any bad ones and let drain.

View 2.  Cider vinegar, green figs and raw sugar

View 3.  Green figs simmering in the cider vinegar and sugar mix with cloves + ginger

View 4.  See how the fig has softened

View 5.  Pack into a sterilised bottle

Green Pickled Figs

1 kilo hard green fresh figs
1 cup cider vinegar
350g raw sugar
1 teaspoon whole cloves     
15g slice fresh ginger

Rinse the figs and let them dry.
Bring the cider vinegar and raw sugar to a boil in  a large saucepan, stirring until the sugar is dissolved.
Turn down to a gentle simmer.  Tie into a piece of muslin the cloves and ginger then add these to the pot.
Gently pour in the figs, mix, place lid on and simmer for approx 1 - 11/2 hours on the lowest possible setting, stirring occasionally until the figs are soft.  Remove lid and let cool to a slightly warm temperature.
Sterilise your jars by placing in a cold oven then heating to 150 celsius.   Turn off heat, open door and let jars cool. Place lids into a jug of boiling water and leave 2 mins before removing them to cool.
Pour figs and liquid into cool jars, seal immediately, label and leave in pantry for 4 weeks before using.  
When opened, store jars in refrigerator.  

Green pickled figs are delicious as a compote, served alone or accompanied by ice cream or vanilla yoghurt.

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  1. great recipe i absolutely love it ,we have have fig plant which i brought all the way from California and it stay indoor in winter ,and in summer it give me few green sweet fig which are red in center i will try this recipe.